Students and Refugees Together

START Allotment

The allotment offers outside gardening space for individuals to grow their own food and community gardening activities to produce food for use at the Cultural Kitchen.

The allotment is a safe open place, a space to think, a place away from the issues that impact people’s lives and for those who used to farm, a link to lives before arriving in the UK. The connection with the Cultural Kitchen promotes healthy eating and green issues through sharing the produce and composting green waste.

START allotment provides rich learning opportunities that meet many individual learning objectives of students on placement. It fosters a joined up, holistic approach to social and community work. START allotment also offers volunteering opportunities.

Please contact START if you are interested in growing food at the allotment or  want to volunteer 07841 985 252.

My grandfather had a lot of land in India. He planted corn, beans, and ladyfingers … I love to come up here, dig and grow my own food.