Students and Refugees Together

Women’s Creative Group

If you would like to come along or volunteer at our weekly group please call us at 07841 985 252
The Kinsman Room, Sherwell United Church Hall, North Hill, PL4 8ER
(During school term time only)

The Women’s group offers a safe and secure place for the women to share experiences, relax and discuss issues that are relevant to them and their families. The group is supported by students on placement and volunteers. It is also an opportunity for students to do effective casework.

Creative activities are offered at each session. Toys and games are available for pre-school children who are welcome to accompany their mothers to the sessions.

I enjoy women’s group because it is a nice place to see my friends, and a nice place to meet new people and make new friends. I like coming here because I can practice my English as at home there is nobody I can practice with. I really enjoy watching the playback theatre, this makes me happy and I laugh a lot.

I like that there is a mixture of people from different cultures and countries, it is a very mixed culture here at Women’s Group. I like that I can begin to understand what is going on for different women in their own culture. It is a good space where I can have face to face conversations with other women. I like how emphatic and understanding everyone is to everybody’s stories about their lives, it opens my eyes